Audry Vallejo for CBAASC President!

One of my close friends decided to run as an officer in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy Student Council (CBAASC). “Since I was little, it has been my dream to lead the people to change.” She once told the whole troop when we asked her why the sudden decision. As her caring and loving friends, seeing her work with everything there is to be done from a bunch of school works, tasks given to her being the first-born in her family to never-ending paper works and activities to be done in Lifters (a non-academic religious organization inside the University), we can’t just allow her to do it. We’ve seen her strive to attend our classes despite either sleepless nights or nights of heavy medication when her sickness attacks. We had a lot of talks with her discussing about how big a responsibility it is – whatever position she will ever be qualified to and how it is very dangerous to her health – in terms of stress and everything she will encounter during the start of her candidacy.


But being with Audry for almost the entirety of my college life, I knew my right to vote would be utilized to goodness and real changes. I know, maybe it’s a bit bias in this case – but my friendship with her is not the friends-friendship – we are all like all-in-one with each other; bestfriend/teacher/lifecoach/bully/worstenemy/mom/dad/sibling – almost everything! – So I see all the wrong in her personality – everyone she knows might say “sobrang bait niyan kaya inaabuso, nagpapaabuso naman!” and yes I’d admit that’s true and I’ve seen a lot of people taking advantage of that – we even saw ourselves doing that sometimes. But as her all-in-one-friends, we told her that attitude is not healthy to her and to everyone surrounding her. “That is not the quality of a true leader.” I remember telling her this. The good thing about her is: She listens and she is willing to change if she sees it’s the right thing to do. And I saw that change – not immediately but step by step. Maybe we’re actually preparing her without the knowledge of ourselves before her decision to run!

Though we always spend our times together – may be it in classes or between breaks, I always see her busy doing something for the sake of the organizations she is into. She’d always convert 3 hours of lunch to 5 minutes with 3 spoonful of her baon then the rest would be spent addressing the things to be done. She has a lot of responsibilities but she never ever forgets any of them – even spending time with us (though this time is already constraint but as the saying goes, “walang busy sa taong gusto.”)


She is all one would want as a leader – responsible, approachable, considerate, not only God-fearing but very faithful to Him and most of all, she has a pure and good heart which always thinks about the welfare of the people important to her – whether you’ve been a good friend or not. She always strives to attain excellence and goodness according to God’s teachings and she doesn’t care how much you believe in Him — she will show you the beauty and gracefulness of the gift of believing in Him.

That is why I know that whatever it is that Audry needs with all the issues and rumors people make about her, the criticisms, and the people who continuously drag her down, He who is above will accord it to her. With all graces, I know she will lead the whole college to a whole new era of epitome of true La Sallians – win or lose.

The very best of luck to you, Audry Vallejo and to the rest of your slate. God bless you and your kind heart.

I bet the angels are fighting alongside you right now.



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